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We specialize in buying houses in Utah “as-is” so you will never have to make a single repair, pay fees, or realtor commissions.

We are the only Utah company that will think outside the box to help you as a homeowner find a solution to whatever difficult situation you may be in. Our industry-leading resources combined with our 10+ years of experience makes allows for us to solve almost every issue you may be in. Try us. 

About Us - Utah House Buyers

The traditional home selling process simply does not work for many Utah homeowners these days. You see, when selling your house with a realtor, or even for sale by the owner (FSBO), many times the buyer of that home will expect the house to be move-in ready.

That means they will be expecting you to make all of the necessary repairs before even making an offer. And what’s worse, as the seller, you’re almost always expected to pay the buyer’s realtor commissions, as well as your own. Not to mention, covering the closing costs.

I say all of that because I want you to understand that you do have options when selling your house…

Here at Utah House Buyers, we will never ask you to make costly repairs or pay any fees. We cover all of the closing costs, and since we are not realtors, there are never any commissions to pay.

This home selling process ensures that even though your house may need repairs, that you still have the opportunity to sell, and put cash in your pocket (many times in less than 14 days).

If you would like to learn more about our company and get a cash offer on your home, please complete the form below, or give us a call at  (801) 893-7371

Thank you so much and I look forward to helping you with the sale of your home.

To consistently create the best possible solution for homeowners in difficult situations by offering different options in selling your home. 

“It was such a pleasure to work with Bryan from Utah House Buyers! He was able to sell my house in a timely manner and at a great price! He gave us awesome tips and advice and was always quick to answer any questions I had about selling my home. I recommend everyone to go to Utah House Buyers for all your home sales!! Very ethical, professional, and friendly people!”

~ Windy Mallek

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